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NATURE’S EARTHLY CHOICE: Organic Italian Pearled Farro, 14 oz

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Farro (pronounced FAHR-oh) is one of the oldest cultivated grains on our planet. In fact, history books describe Farro as the oldest and original grain domesticated by humans in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East. The Fertile Crescent is a quarter moon shaped region that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea on the west to the Persian Gulf on the east and is often considered to be the location of the biblical “Garden of Eden”. Farro became the primary grain consumed by the Roman Empire; in fact Farro helped fuel the Roman legions’ march across Europe and the Middle East. As new varieties of wheat were discovered or created through hybridization, Farro fell out of favor. Today Farro is one of several “ancient whole grains” that are being rediscovered by chefs and health conscious consumers around the world. We are the first company to make imported Italian Farro widely available to mainstream consumer in the United Sates.Farro is a great source of vitamins and nutrients, as well as protein and fiber. It is not only incredibly easy to prepare, it is also an extremely versatile grain forming the healthy foundation for a salad, breakfast cereal, or a wholesome addition to soups and or pilafs. Farro adopts the flavors of the other foods it is combined with, making this whole grain a delicious accompaniment to almost any meal.

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