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Reusable Cotton Swab


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Reduce waste by replacing disposable traditional cotton swabs with reusable, washable, safe silicone swabs that work effectively!Swabs are soft and flexible, suitable for sensitive body parts, an essential in your reusable accessories collection.Easy to carry. Our amazing reusable swabs are very easy to clean just with some water and little soap.Two-version pack serve multipurpose uses like ear cleaning and all beauty requirements like makeup and touch-upChange today to our reusable swabs that really work while eliminating waste!2-pack reusable swabs, multipurpose, facilitates ear cleaning while also great for makeup and touch-up.Eco-friendly, by replacing traditional cotton swabs.Easy to clean just with water and little soap. Made of material is soft and flexible for sensitive areas,and design facilitates effective work.Easy to carry, not only great for your vanity area but also for travel.Make the change today, and help our environment by eliminating waste!.

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Dimensions 4 × 2 cm